Young Married Couple Converts School Bus Into Adorable Dream Home

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We’ve seen some incredible and unconventional homes before, but it’s safe to say this one is my new favorite. Julie and Andrew Puckett are a young married couple who live in a converted 1990 Blue Bird school bus in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

By the time they had to renew their lease, Julie and Andrew realized they needed to focus more on their finances. Julie told that financial freedom and having the ability to travel were important to them. “We loved the culture and opportunities the city had to offer, but had a hard time justifying the sacrifices we had to make just to stay afloat,” she said.

At first, the Pucketts envisioned building a traditional tiny home from the ground-up, but it was way out of their budget. That’s when Julie found an old, affordable school bus converted by a cattle rancher. It was perfect.

Julie and Andrew had only four months to renovate the 25-year-old bus, and just wait until you see what it looks like today. Not only is it gorgeous in design, but it’s also brilliant in function. Oh, and their dog Starbuck and cat Mr. Butters are pretty happy there, too.

Take a tour of the Blue Bird below, and try not to be jealous of the Puckett’s adorable dwelling. Please SHARE this with your friends on Facebook!


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