Wife Creatively Tells Her Husband Shes Pregnant With An Anniversary Card

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Thanks to Hallmark and other major card companies, you can buy a card for just about anything.

You can get cards for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and big life events like weddings and babies. Have you even seen a card that tells someone you’re having a baby, though?

I haven’t seen that exact card, but one soon-to-be mom figured out how to turn a regular anniversary card into a surprise for her husband to tell him they were going to be parents!

Megan Masters had been feeling funny for a few days, so she decided to take a pregnancy test just to see if she might be expecting. She hadn’t been prepared for the positiveresults, but she was thrilled to find out.

To surprise her husband Rob, she got him a card. It was technically their dating anniversary, so she signed the card for that and then taped a picture of the positive test to the back and signed it love mom and baby!

Rob is completely stunned when he sees the picture. But then he claims he knew she was going to tell him something like this since she made him sit down. I don’t know Rob, your face looked very shocked!

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