What This Japanese Artist Does With His Used Aluminum Cans Is Amazing.

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What this Japanese artist can do with simple aluminum cans is going to blow your mind. The artist, known as Makaon, takes aluminum recycling to a whole new level. Instead of discarding his old cans, either as trash or for recycling, he turns them into elaborate and surprisingly colorful works of art. 

His creations are a combination of pop culture references and more traditional subjects. Makaon’s creativity is more than just shaping the cans into the form of his subjects. He also needs to work within the color restraints of the cans. The result is both quirky and sophisticated. 

1.) Mario from Mario Brothers.

2.) Darth Vader from Star Wars.

3.) Wall-E

4.) Gundam robot made from cans next to an actual Gundam robot action figure.

5.) A doggie.

6.) Na Na Na Na Batman!

7.) Stormtrooper helmet.

8.) Hummingbird.

9.) Buzz Lightyear to the rescue.

10.) War Machine from Iron Man.

11.) Jigglypuff from Pokemon.

12.) Frog time.

13.) Woody from Toy Story.

14.) Bulbasaur from Pokemon.

15.) Luigi from Mario Brothers.

16.) Bowser from Mario Brothers.

17.) A can wreath.

18.) Golden bug.

19.) Pikachu from Pokemon

20.) Yoshi.

21.) Hello goldfish.

22.) Buzz Lightyear and Woody.

23.) Another awesome Gundam robot.

24.) My Little Pony.

25.) Charmander, Charmeleon, and Charizard from Pokemon.

26.) The Great Wave off Kanagawa recreated with cans.

(Makaon via MyModernMet)

Because of the polygonal nature of the video game characters and superheroes he recreates, the aluminum cans are actually the perfect medium. He is able to create figures with many sides, mimicking how they would look in a film or video game. 

I’ve never seen recycling like this before. If you liked Makaon’s work, click on the button below to share it with others.

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