We Asked A Lawyer (Not Our Dads) If Taylor Swift Can Actually Sue Kim And Kanye

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Its officially the one week anniversary of the greatest day of our lives, aka the day Kim exposed Taylor for the slithering snake with the good lies she is. But it hasnt been all sunshine and rainbows and happiness, because of course Taylor had to rain on our parade, first by demanding she be excluded from this narrative (LOL fat chance), and then by threatening to sue Kim and Kanye. Obviously none of us want Americas first couple to get sueddidnt Kanye just pay off his $53 million in debt? So we wondered: Is Taylors claim even legit? While we could read a bunch of articles and then regurgitate that information back to you and probably misunderstand some of it, we decided to do the legit thing: We asked a lawyer. No, not one of our dadsEugene Kublanovsky, one of our friend’s friends. Totally more legit. Anyway, here’s what he had to say.

Lets get right to it. Is Taylors potential lawsuit claim legit?

Translation: Yeah, probs legit.


Translation: Depending on where your friends live, do not attempt a 3-way call attack.

So would Kanye and Kim really get in trouble?

Translation: If Kanye recorded Taylor in California, it could make her Slithering Snake Becky With The Good Case.

Are you saying Kimye are screwed?

Translation: Taylor Swift (and everyone who interacts with any Kardashian) should know that its literally Kim’s job to have people recording her at all times. In other words, she may have played herself.

Whats the bottom line?

Translation: Taylor def would have a case, but it would probs be an epic battle between her and KimYe’s legal teamsone that we would want to watch, tbh.

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