Watching Puppies Learn How To Be Police Dogs Is The Cutest Thing Youll See All Day

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How many times a day do you see a dog you want to pet, but you either can’t or aren’t allowed to?

For me, that number is too high. I see so many dogs! But some dogs aren’t allowed to be touched because they have an important job to do that they can’t be distracted from.

Police dogs are very cute, but they also have to be on high alert for any possible danger. Which means they cannot have strangers coming up to touch them.

The New Zealand police department released a video of their newest recruits! The little puppies are paired with an older police dog who can show them the ropes.

The puppies are full of energy and rolling around with each other while the older dog calmly watches. He must be reminiscing about his days as a rookie cop!

You have to see how adorable these pups are, especially when they start following the older dog around like baby chickens.

If you liked this, then you will love these officers discussing what it is like to train K-9 dogs to work on the police force!

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