Upgraded Thrift Store Cabinet Cleverly Hides Cats Litter Box

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Owning a cat is great. I would know, I have two of them. I love everything about my furry babies, except for maybe one thing: their cat pans!

If you live in a larger home, cat pans aren’t much of an issue as long as you keep up with the mess. You can keep them hidden in a spare closet, the laundry room, or even the basement. For those working with less space, it can become a bit of a problem.

Cat pans are generally unpleasant to look at and,of course,they don’t smell great either!

We found a DIY projectthat may help with both of those problems that most cat owners face.

Scroll down to find out how these clever Imgur DIY-ers managed to hide their kitty’s pan in plain sightwithout sacrificing much space.

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The project began when two clever DIY-ers came across this cabinet set in a thrift shop one day.

It was the perfect shape and size for their hidden cat pan.

After deciding on the exact shape they wanted the remodel to take, they got to work.

Carefully, they cut away the pieces they didn’t want.

Next up was the paint!

They chose a clean, white color for the project.

After painting each necessary piece, they let it air-dry for a bit.

The DIY-ers forgot an important step! They failed to cut a hole into the side of the cabinet for the cat pan’s entryway.

Not to worry. They got that taken care of next!

Next, they took a trip to the hardware store to pick up new handles for the doors and drawers.

The pieces were dry at this point, so it was time to put it all back together.

Now, all that was left was to install the kitty’s amenities.

They cut a litter mat to cover thebottom of the furniture.

They added the pan, litter, and a scoop!

No one would know at first glance that this is a litter box for the family cat.

The new furniture blends in great with the rest of the room!

Even the cat approves of the new, sneaky decor!

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