Tipsy With Miss Dixie: Jen Righi Talks About The Nightmares Of Lice

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Nightmares are the worst.I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all had at least one in our lives and they are just not pleasant.

It’s crazy how our minds can make us feel like we’re in another reality while we’re sleeping, and for whatever reason it can sometimes be a horror scene for our lives, too…

Whether you wake up drenched in sweat, curled up in a ball afraid of the dark surrounding you, or crying real awakening tears, you will definitely not want to drift back into sleep right away.I’d try any trick to help me stop having nightmares.

LittleThings host Jen Righi definitely wakes up a little bit differently than most of us might from her nightmare. From her beautifully manicured look, to the drink that she grabs from her nightstand, I’d say this is the lifestyle I belong in.

But, she’s still noticeably concerned about her nightmare. When she decides to vent to little Miss Dixie, the pupdoes notseem amused, because Righi is interrupting her beauty sleep.

Nightmares and bad days? I think Righi knows the cure it’s in her hand already!

But just wait until she pulls out the flashlight, too…


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