Tiny Baby And Huge Pit Bull Make The Best Friends In The Whole World

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Pit Bulls have been dealing with a bad reputation for the past decade. News stations from all over the country seem to only want to focus on stories about these dogs when something tragic happens.

While it’s true, Pit Bulls are strong and muscular, and they certainlylookferocious upon first glance, but if you give them a bit of a chance it turns out that they’re just as sweet as any other breed you could hope to meet. Their strength has been used to their disadvantage over the years; bad owners will train these dogs to be aggressive simplybecausethey’re so powerful. When an attack happens, it’s usually a Pit Bull that makes it to the news just because that sells more advertisements these days.

But thankfully, there is a growing community of Pit Bull owners who are sharing with the world just how amazing and gentle these animals really are! The proud Pit Bull owner who shared this video is happy to show the world just how much his dog loves his new baby. While it might look startling to see such a huge animal hovering so close to a defenseless baby, it should be noted that this father trusts his dog completely, and he’s there just to make sure nothing could go wrong.


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