These are the presidential candidates teens loved the most this election season

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Teens are thought leaders. Nothing is cool unless a teen declares it so. As the frontiersmen and women of the internetone of democracy’s greatest toolstheir opinion really matters, whether they’re eligible to vote or not. And, once they’re able to legally cast their ballots, the fate of the parties lie in their angsty hands.

Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton appeared to have won over the demographic on Thursday,tweetingat GOP opponent Donald Trump to delete your account, which ultimately garnered hundreds of thousands of retweets. But before we declare her a winner among the worlds toughest critics, lets look back at how her former competitors have fared.

First, heres a bit of a warm-up. As you may have noticed, former President Bill Clinton has been on the campaign trail helping to build support for his wife. One day in early April, Bill hosted an event at the United Federation of Teachers. The high-profile event was, by all accounts, a resounding success, but Bill’s magic moment didnt happen until he was almost out the door.

“Right before I called out to him, Ivan Olivo, a sophomore at The Kings College in New York City, told AOL, I got the idea to take a face swap picture on Snapchat instead of a normal photo.

Bill was not pleased, asking What did you do to my face? A member of his secret service entourage explained that its just an app the kids use nowadays, according to Olivo. The teen, or possibly newly-not-teen (sorry Ivan), immediately rushed home to back the photo up to iCloud. You know, in case Bill wanted it deleted. Pretty uncool.

On the GOP side, there was an odd cluster of teens asking for candidates help with their promposals. The presidential hopefuls complied, though not gracefully. Nonetheless, half a cool point.

Here’s Ted Cruz:

And John Kasich:

This teen may have had a similar idea when she approached Marco Rubio, but she was simply too awestruck to speak.

And then there are the Democrats.

Clinton was up against some tough intra-party competition with Martin OMalley, who teens and non-teens alike deemed hot early on in the race.

Despite being the grandpa of the group, Sanders has quickly emerged as the teen favorite, however. Andlet’s face itBernie knows his teens. When his fans, which include 15-year-old Jill Maul and her friends, learned their favorite democratic socialist was headed to Kansas for a rally, they knew they had to attend.

Words aren’t enough to describe the interaction that ensued that February day, but when it ends with teens screaming like you are a member of One Direction, (and you most certainly are not) youve probably won.

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