Teen Is So Confused When Mom Mails Him A Box Of Trash, Then He Finds The Note

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Connor Cox, 18, is a freshman at Westminster College in Pennsylvania. Being a new student away from home, Connor was so excited when his mom Terri told him she was going to send him a care package full of his favorite snacks.

He eagerly anticipated his mom’s package to arrive, and when it finally did, he was greeted with two separate boxes. One box was full of all his favorite goodies, just like Terri promised. She sent him all sorts of fun snack foods, like cans of Pringles and bags of fruit snacks.

But the contents of the second box came as a complete surprise to the college student.

This box was full of dirty tissues, empty soda cans and crinkled plastic bags. It was literally a package filled to the brim with garbage!

At first, Connor was so confused, and the handwritten note she tucked inside didn’t help much. He thought Mom must have made some kind of mistake and sent him the wrong package by accident. So, he gave her a call.

That’s when Connor realized the truth behind this box ‘o trash… and he had to admit, it was a pretty brilliant prank only a mother could pull off.

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