Talented Mom And Son Duo Perform A Sweet Dance In Their Ktichen

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There are few activitiesmore fun to me than spontaneously getting up and dancing. If the music is upbeat, I can’t resist moving my feet and trying to get others to do so, too. And it doesn’t have to be a fancy, choreographed dance it can be as simple as tapping your feet.

But this mother and son duo have definitely tried their choreographed dance more than once, and they have incredible rhythm. They’re nowhere fancy and aren’t wearing fancy clothes it’s not like they’re attending a wedding. They’re at home, in their kitchen, and wearingtheir house clothes. He’s not even wearing a shirt!

But Mom hastens to play the music and she takes her place on the floor with her son. They grab one another’s hands, and as soon as they move their feet, we can’t help but be impressed with their moves. They look like they belong onDancing With The Stars!

Nowwatch these two closely. It’s Mom’s surprise move that really make everyone in the room and us laugh!


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