State roll calls: What RNC, DNC delegates want you to know

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    “The place where we had two of the greatest Trump rallies in the nation’s history.”
    “The state of Alabama has champions not only in football, but we have champions in civil rights, in voting rights. We have champions for equal pay.”


    The place where “we proudly vote exactly the way the people of Alaska voted.”
    “The state that is on the front line of climate change with our receding glaciers and our rising oceans.”

    American Samoa

    “The greatest exporter of NFL players.”
    “Home of America’s cleanest air year after year.”


    “The hottest state in the country … for job growth.” (It’s funny because the weather in Arizona is also hot.)
    “We are proud to say we are the home state of Cesar Chavez, home state of many Native tribes, home state of electing some of the first women leaders in this country.”


    “We raise delicious catfish.”
    “Where we first learned to believe in a place called Hope.”


    Has a “100% rock solid pro-Trump delegation.”
    “The state with lots of energy, lots of enthusiasm, and the state that defies Donald Trump on climate change, immigration reform and the $15 minimum wage.”


    Home of the “the world champion Denver Broncos,” which only plays American teams.
    “Home to Rocky Mountains, Mesa Verde, Great Sand Dunes and Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, which are some of the world’s most wondrous and diverse lands.”


    “We manufacture Pez.”
    “Most importantly, the home of the pizza and the hamburger.”


    “A diverse slate of millennial candidates” that “will win the state Senate this year.”
    “Home to tax-free shopping.”

    Washington D.C.

    “Home of that great Republican Frederick Douglass.”
    “Soon to be the 51st state of our great union.” (They’re working on it.)


    A state that “gave LeBron James his first two championships.” (Sorry, Ohio)
    “The state that went blue for President Obama and is going to go blue for Hillary Clinton.”


    “The No. 1 state in the country for business and business growth.”
    “The epicenter of civil and human rights. Home to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King.”


    “A place where it’s Wednesday.” (It’s tomorrow in Guam right now, because of time zones.)
    [Over sound of conch shell] “We have traveled 8,000 miles and over nine time zones.”


    They didn’t need to brag. Everyone knows it’s paradise.
    “The prettiest place in the world. The home state of Barack Obama and a place that has proven that you can go to 100% clean energy.”


    “We’re so Republican that when we say the pledge of allegiance, it’s to the Republicans for which it stands.”
    “Where we have more mountain peaks than any state in the lower 48, the deepest gorge in North America and the longest un-dammed river in the United States.”


    Has “the only Hispanic member on the Republican side of the aisle serving the House of Representatives.”
    “Home of President Barack Obama.”


    A state that has a “$2 billion surplus with over 150,000 private sector new jobs since 2013.”
    “In 2008, Indiana turned blue for the first time since 1964.”


    “Longest-serving governor in American history.”
    “A state of female firsts. In 1857, the University of Iowa became the first state university to accept women into its degree program.”


    “Proud home of the iconic Bob Dole.”
    “The birthplace of Ann Dunham, mother to our wonderful president Barack Obama.”


    “The state that produces all the bourbon fit to drink in the world.”
    “We gave the world Muhammad Ali, the greatest of all time, the Kentucky Derby, the world’s most exciting two minutes of sports, and of course Kentucky bourbon, the world’s finest whiskey.”


    “Sportsman’s paradise.”
    “We will not be defined by any natural disaster nor will we be defined by any act of senseless violence.”


    “A state that has only one remaining Democratic elected official.”
    “Known for our rugged independence and relentless Yankee work ethic … Maine has not voted for a Republican (president) in nearly three decades.”


    “Home of the American League East first-place team Baltimore Orioles.”
    “The birthplace of the great Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall and Francis Scott Key … the author of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner.'”


    “State that outperformed every other states except but one in strongest votes to make America again.”
    “First in universal health care.” (Thanks Mitt Romney!)


    Michigan passed on participating.
    “Created the middle class of this country.”


    “Home of SPAM” that “has had the longest drought of casting our electoral votes for a Republican president.”
    “The state of Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’ and the birthplace of Tim Kaine.”


    “The birthplace of America’s music.”
    “Home of the blues, BB King, Elvis Presley and so on.”


    “The birthplace of talk radio.”
    “The home of Harry Truman and the proud alma mater of Tim Kaine … And where World Series champions hang out.”


    “Grateful to God for the quiet beauty of our state, the grandeur of our mountains and the vastness of our rolling plains.”
    “The home of the only farmer in the United States Senate, Jon Tester … One hundred years ago, Montana sent the very first woman to the United State Congress.”


    “The No. 1 beef-producing state in the union.”
    “Because of our system of splitting the Electoral College vote on November 8, parts of Nebraska will once again go blue in a sea of red.”


    “The most entertaining capital city, Las Vegas, Nevada.” (Las Vegas is not the capital city of Nevada, btw.)
    “With a population as diverse as its landscape … with a spirit as wild and free as our mustangs.” (They also corrected the Nevada Republican delegation, saying that the capital is “actually Carson City.”)

    New Hampshire

    “A state that has no sales or income tax.” Live free or die.
    “Proud of electing female political leaders.”

    New Jersey

    “The highest overall percentage of its popular vote for Mr. Trump.”
    “The only state within this great union with two great United States senators.” (Bold!)

    New Mexico

    “A culture that is so diverse.”
    “Breaking Bad!”

    New York

    “The home of Donald J. Trump.”
    “The birthplace of women’s rights at Seneca Falls.”

    North Carolina

    “The land of the long leaf pine … where the weak grow strong and the strong grow great.”
    “Land of great basketball and delicious barbecue.”

    North Dakota

    “The only state in the United States last year to actually grow younger.”
    “The birthplace of the Nonpartisan League movement, which began to reduce the influence of outside corporate influence more than 100 years ago.”

    Northern Mariana Islands

    “The youngest member in the American family.”


    “The mother of presidents.” (Virginia also claims this. It’s a hot debate, if you’re into that sort of thing.)
    “The proud home of the World Champion Cleveland Cavaliers.”


    “The reddest state in the union.”
    “Where our state motto is Labor Vincit Omnia.” (Work Conquers All.)


    “Home of the great American pinot noir” and “the place where Nike made ducks and beavers cool.”
    “Home to … 4 million of the most wonderful people on the planet.”


    “The keystone State. The home of the Stanley Cup Champions Pittsburgh Penguins.”
    “On behalf of all Pennsylvania, welcome to our commonwealth.”

    Puerto Rico

    “Voted to become the 51st state.” (Still not a state.)
    “The only all-Latino delegation at this convention.”

    Rhode Island

    “Constantly ranked near the bottom.” Sad! (They blame Democrats.)
    “The smallest state in the union with one of the biggest hearts. Home of the best restaurants in the country.”

    South Carolina

    “The true peach state.”
    “Home of one of the 10 best Cabinet secretaries of the 20th century.”

    South Dakota

    “Home of Crazy Horse.”
    “Land that brought us George McGovern … (and) the first convention that practiced affirmative action and changed the face of the Democratic Party delegates ever.”


    “No. 1 in auto manufacturing”
    “The state that ratified the 19th Amendment to give women the right to vote.”


    “A place where no Democrat has won statewide office since 1992.”
    “The state where a young, progressive woman by the name of Hillary Clinton came down to south Texas along with her skinny, tall, long-haired, bearded boyfriend to register voters.”

    U.S. Virgin Islands

    “Where loyal, patriotic Americans are second-class citizens and denied basic rights.”
    “We at this time are about to celebrate 100 years being under the American flag and rule.”


    “We are always Republican.”
    “The home state of Bernie Sanders, who has changed the trajectory of this country in a way that will make the lives of working Americans better in the years to come.”


    “Home of Calvin Coolidge.”
    “The state that helped fight and helped win the political revolution of 2016 thanks to our senator, Bernie Sanders.”


    “Mother of presidents.” (See: Ohio)
    “Home to the next vice president of the United States, Tim Kaine.”


    “Proud home of the Boeing Airplane Company.”
    “Champions of good, progressive policies.”

    West Virginia

    “The first state in the United States to recognize Melania Trump as the next first lady of the United States. A lot better than Bill Clinton, that other spouse.”
    “Home of the most compassionate people in the world when disaster strikes.”


    “The birthplace of the Republican Party.”
    “Where workers still make things.”


    “A super red state.””
    “The equality state and the home of many firsts: The first national park, the first national monument, the first state to guarantee women the right to vote and the first state to elect a woman governor.”

    Democrats Abroad

    “Our delegates from around the world include Larry Sanders, the big brother of Bernie Sanders.” (He lives in England.)

    CNN’s Mark Barilla, Will Mullery, Joyce Tseng, Tal Yellin contributed to this report.

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