Squirrels Are Getting Seriously Tubby From The Warm Winter Weather

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The season of overindulgence has come and passed. But if you’re feeling riddled with guilt, building up the courage to renew your long-forgotten gym membership, these squirrels might make you feel a little better you’re not alone.

The exceptionally mild winterin many areas of the worldhas led tosquirrels across Europe and North America pilingon the pounds. The freakishly warm weather has meant trees still have an abundant banquetof nuts and seeds, which the squirrels havebeen taking full advantage of.

Squirrels dont hibernate, so to survive the (usually) harsh winter, they gorge on food towards the end of the year to build up fat reserves. This process can lead to squirrels putting on almos aquarter of their body weight in fat.

Iolo Williams, a BBC presenter and wildlife expert, explained to Wales Online that the ample amounts of food around has led to them having extra-thick winter fat layers. However, their thicker winter coat also helps to give them this tubby effect.

The tweets below highlight some of the rather large squirrels spotted in locations across Europe and North America.

Main image credit: EmilySueeeee/Twitter

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