Son Sends His Mom Hilarious Im Fine Pictures While Traveling The World

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Going on vacation is usually a fun time. If you’re going away with your family, then you get to bond and create great memories. If you’re going away with your significant other, your vacation can help strengthen your relationship romantically. If you’re going away alone, it can be a little scary. But person it’s usually the scariest for isn’t you, it’s your mom.

If you’ve ever traveled alone, or really done anything alone ever, you know that your mom can be very protective. She wants to know when you get there, how your flight was, who else is there, who are you going to see, and the list goes on, and on. It’s not because mom likes to nag you, it’s because she has spent your entire life trying to make sure you’re safe! I’m sure any mom can agree that it’s a bit frightening to send your child off into the world, especially if they want to travel the world.

Jonathan Kubben Quionez decided to travel and in order to keep his mom satisfied with his safety, he created a clever idea. Much like this couple who documented their trip with photos of them dancing! Just check out Jonathan’s brilliant idea below.


Jonathan decided to quit his job and sell his car with the intent to travel the world.

However, when he got to his first stop in Cuba, he told TheLADBible that he had a hard time getting in touch with his family. So he came up with this idea.

He created an Instagram handle titled MomImFine.

His Instagram bio reads: “Whatever your age is, if you have a latin mom and a passion for adventure, you will have to find a way to tell her that you are fine. This is my way”

Each photo is captioned with where in the world he is and features his classic “MOM I’M FINE” sign.

He even makes sure to tag who he is with, so his mom doesn’t have to ask who that is with him!

“It would be a dream to continue exploring the world, giving a positive message and making people laugh. I’m glad my pictures have encouraged people to see the world,” Jonathan told TheLADBible.

You can see more of Jonathan’s adventures here!

How would you react if your child sent you these photos while on vacation?

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