Senior Cats And Senior Citizens Find Companionship Thanks To Caring Ohio Shelter

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Along with being cute cuddly and filled with purrs, cats can also be a healing resource.

There is something magical about all cute animals; whenever we’re sad or under the weather, a cuddle from our favorite pet can instantly make us feel better.

Animals of all sorts are oftenused for service, rehabilitation, and cuddles, like these sweet canine comfort dogs but some very special cats are being utilized in a whole new way:to bring furry cheer to residents of nursing homes!

Through services like Pet Adoptions for Loving Seniors, established by theOhioAlleycatResource&Spay/NeuterClinic, kitties are becoming companions to some veryappreciative elderly people.

When we age, we sometimes lose the ability and independence to do what we once loved like take care of a pet.

But thanks to these fun felines, these seniors are rediscovering the amazingsensation of playing with a cuddly four-legged friend.

Check below to see photos of the seniors and their comforting kitties.

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TheOhioAlleycatResource&Spay/NeuterClinicoffers many amazing resources for cats, includingspay/neuter services, outreach services for strays, and a no-kill adoption center.

One of their other awesome resources is thePet Adoptions for Loving Seniors (PALS) initiative.

Through PALS, volunteers visit nursing homes to bring senior felines and senior citizens together to play.

Many seniors aren’t allowed to have pets once they are put into assisted living homes.

This can diminish their sense of independence and make them feel alone without a furry best friend by their side.

But bringing the mellow older cats to them helps give them something to cuddle again, while helping the cats get more socialized for adoptions.

The seniors love telling stories about their past pets, and ask us to take pictures of them with the cats to send to their children and grandchildren, explains volunteerJordan Umerley to Bored Panda.

Theyare also always invited to come to the adoption center and play with the felines friends, who love being fed, pet, and pampered.

The program is mutually beneficialto both human and feline seniors, because both parties enjoy a few furry cat cuddles every once in a while.

This incredible service reminds us that animals have many mysterious healing properties and that everyone deserves to feel loved and cherished, no matter their age.

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