Scott Disick Has A New 20-Year-Old Hookup

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Scott Disick doesn’t seem to be so into serious dating these days, instead passing his time with a variety of hot women all under the age of 22. His newest potential flame is Canadian model Lindsay Vrckovnik—yes, that’s her real name and I didn’t just have a seizure on the keyboard—who’s hot but not hot enough to get away with having a name that hard to spell.

Scott and Lindsay were seen leaving a Hollywood nightclub together earlier this week, which is funny considering Lindsay’s not actually 21 yet. Someone get this girl a Shirley Temple with an extra cherry! Lindsay’s clubbing outfit was some kind of black jumpsuit that basically has no top, so you can see her entire bra, which is great, but like what’s the point of it being a jumpsuit?

We haven’t seen Lindsay and Scott together recently, but they did hangout for a bit back in late 2015. At the time, Lindsay was freshly 18, and they spent the night together at Scott’s NYC apartment shortly after he and Kourtney broke up. Two days later, they went to Miami together. It would sound like a lot of fun if she wasn’t basically a child. Seriously, where are her parents?

So, will Scott and Lindsay last? We’re going to take a wild guess and say absolutely fucking not. She’ll most likely be kicked to the curb just like Bella Thorne and all the others, because Lord Disick is a lot to handle. We’re calling it now, Scott is going to be the next Hugh Hefner.

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