Rescuer Nurses Tiny Frog Back To Health After Dog Attack

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It is truly incrediblehow oftenaproper dose ofdevoted TLC can transform a grim-looking situation into a triumphant recovery.

When Imgur userpoltrgiestof Queensland, Australia heard desperate croaking emanating from his bedroom, he immediately set out in search of its source.

Much to his surprise, he found a tiny frog, covered in his dog’s slobber and hair. She’d seemingly been attacked, looking both completely terrified and physically ailed. Only one of herlegs seemed to be functioning properly.

So, hercaring rescuerhopped into action. He set this little frog up in a shallow water bath, giving herroom to stretch and relax herinjured limbs.

Noticing that his new friendwas struggling to keep herhead above water, this amphibian lovergave hera little “lily pad” on which to rest. About an hour later, this survivorwas pulling herself onto the lily pad, kicking herlegs, gripping things, and seeming much more chipper.

And moments later, she did the unthinkable shehopped! Withthis strong improvement under her belt,herrescuer deemed this little frogready to reenter the wild.

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A few months ago,Imgur userpoltrgiestheard strained croaking ring out in his room.

After a brief search, he found a struggling frog, whom his dog had likely attacked.


The poor little cutie was covered in his dog’s hair and slobber, and noticeably terrified.

What’s more, only one of herlegs seemed to be working properly.


TheQueensland, Australia-based amphibian lover immediately scooped up this tinycutie, and fashioned hera makeshift resting “pond” in a shallow tupperware container.


Noticing thefrog struggling to keep herhead above water on herown, herrescuer introduced a little “lily pad” into herimpromptu habitat a perfect place for herto could catch herbreath.


Over the next hour, she began slowly testing and retesting herphysical limitations.


This determined survivor began pulling herself on and off herlily pad, and tryingout each limb’s gripping abilities.


Soon, she was swimming again, kicking and splashing her legs like crazy.


Her rescuer adorably named herLil Pepe, thinking at first she was a he, and stayed close, monitoring herprogress.


Lil Pepe seemed eternally grateful for herhuman friend’s helping hand.


Soon, this little cutie gave herrescuer the final sign she needed to give to get hisall clear. She hopped!


After just an hour and a half of rehabilitation, this frog seemed strong enough to once again venture off into the wild.


Invigorated by hertriumphant recovery, shehopped right out of herrescuer’s hands, and into a safe spot in thenearby garden.


When all hope seemed lost, a kindhearted angel responded to thisscared little frog’s croaks, helping her overcome terror and injury to once more hop freely amidstthe great outdoors.

What do you think of this frog’s rescue? Have you ever helped a struggling animal? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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