Rescued Stray Gets An Adorable Photo Shoot To Help Her Find A Forever Home

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When her daughter found a stray cat, photographer Cassie Borcherding of Missouri decided to let her keep it, at least for some time.

The family agreed that the cat, who was immediately named Elsa, could stay with them until she found a forever home. But that would mean that people would have to know she was looking for a home.

Borcherding’s daughter came up with a genius solution. She knew that her mom specialized in photographing expecting couples and newborns, and what better way to announce the furry addition to their family than with a photo shoot?

Maternity and newborn shoots, after all, aren’t just popular with humans, but with our furry friends, too, like Mia, a proud mama dachshund who gave birth to six mini hot dogs. And now, it would be a cat’sturn.

Borcherding agreed that a photo shoot would be a good way to spread the word about Elsa’s availability, so she set up a shoot just the way she would for a human baby, complete with fluffy blankets, swaddles, and even a baby carriage.

How did it go? Check out the photos below!

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Photographer Cassie Borcherding’s daughter found this little cat one day and brought her home.

Initially, Borcherding and her husband planned to foster the cat, who had been named Elsa, for a time.

Their daughter convinced Borcherding to create some newborn photos of Elsa in the hopes of generating interest in giving her a forever home.

While babies and puppies are pretty compliant photo subjects, you might not think a cat would put up with this sort of thing.

According to Borcherding, progress was predictably difficult at first. “But once I got her wrapped,” she says, “she purred the entire time.”

It turns out that kitties like a snuggly swaddle, too!

And naturally, she couldn’t help but accessorize Elsa with some cute little headbands.

Although they’d originally planned on only fostering Elsa until someone could take her in permanently, by the time the photo shoot was done, the family had fallen in love with her and decided that they would keep her.

And Elsa didn’t stay bundled the whole time. Borcherding brought out this baby carriage set piece and let Elsa explore a little.

Of course, Elsa is a little more rambunctious than your average newborn…

…and she also has the ability to climb and took no time tearing up the set!

If you think adorable photo shoots are a great way to help pets find forever homes,

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