Rescued Pit Bull Has The Best Reaction To Eating Pizza

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Finn is apit bull that was forced into dogfighting. Since his rescue, he’s notjust a cute pit bull, he is known as the Mighty Finn!

The pup has his own Facebook page, where you can see all of his adventures and his crusade against dogfighting! After growing up in terrible conditions, you might think a pup like Finn isn’t friendly or is often scared, but he is a very lovable guy. His videos are all heartwarming to see, because even though he was forced to fight other dogs, now his fight is for fun!

When Finn’s mom giveshim a small piece of pizza, he has the very best reaction. After munching on his snack, he lets his happiness run free. Literally! Finn zooms all around the room, happier than ever. Finn is finally living his life to the fullest! Just like his fellow rescued pit bull, Rambo, he is now living the life that he has always deserved.

[H/T: BarkPost]

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