Ragdoll Cat Enjoys A Lovely Stroll With His Two Mini Pig Friends

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People like to assume that cats aren’t all that friendly of creatures, mostly because they’re comparing them to the more overtly cheerful pups in their life. But just because a feline might havea more refined sense of their personality, doesn’t mean they aren’t perfectly amiable individuals, too! For those who like to take a side in the cats versus dogs debate, I’m a steadfast proponent for both.

That’s especially true when I see something as adorable as the trio below. Just like themini pigs who enjoyingsplashing around at the beach with their doggy buddy, this cat has a pair of piggy pals that keep him plenty busy. They also further prove the case of mini pigs not being quite so mini once they’ve grown up a common misconception for those purchasing them from dishonest breeders hoping to make a buck. That’s not to say that they aren’t still completely precious pets! And apparently, if you look at the wild boar and his feline friend, their sweet deposition with cats might be more natural than it seems.

The handsome fellas below are Leonardo, a ragdoll cat, and miniature pigs, Moritz and Smarty. Moritz proves to be a pretty helpful companion as he hangs onto Leonardo’s leash for him. Can you imagine seeing this silly group while on a walk in your neighborhood? I would absolutely love it! Something tells me they’re probably pretty popular in their neck of the woods, too.

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