Raccoon And Rescuer Have Adorable, Loving Bond

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Theres nothing quite like having a special animal in your life.

Whether that creature is a dog, a cat, or something more exotic, I think our hearts grow bigger when we have a close relationship with an animal. They teach us about empathy, bravery, and love on a daily basis, as we saw with sweet, spirited kitten Mac N Cheez.

After all, animals are innately good, and they have an endless capacity for love. Better yet, treating an animal well is a surefire way to win their heart.

No one knows that better than Dorothy Lee, better known as Dot. Shes an animal rehabilitator and educator with a touching story, and she owes it all to one tiny, defenseless creature: a very special raccoon named Trouper.

She saved Trouper at the lowest, scariest point in the raccoons life. In turn, Trouper has made her life richer, and relocated her all the way to Florida!

Read on below to learn more about how Trouper found Dot!


Trouper and Dot found one another back in 2008, when Dot was living in North Carolina.

Trouper was a wild raccoon baby, known as a kit, when a golfer viciously attacked him with a club.

Dot found him, badly injured, near her friends home.

She took the tiny animal back home.

As a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, she knew how to care for a frightened wild animal.

She also knew a little bit of basic veterinary medicine, which was indispensable for little Trouper, since vets arent allowed to treat wild animals in the state of North Carolina.

Unfortunately, Trouper seemed to be growing weaker, and Dot had all but given up on saving the little animals life.

Then, as reported by News-Press: One of my tears dropped on his little face. I was telling him ‘I’m sorry little buddy.’ … And the little bugger opened his mouth and yawned and stretched.”

From that moment on, Dot knew she would never let anyone hurt him again.

Trouper got stronger and stronger, but Dot realized that he had been left blind and brain-damaged from his attack.

There was no way he would survive in the wild, unable to feed himself.

Taking matters into her own hands, she decided to move to Florida, where she would be able to continue taking care of her new friend.

Eight years later, the two are inseparable.

Dot says she has never been away from Trouper for more than five hours, and she lovingly feeds him by hand, since Trouper lost the ability to grasp food the way a healthy adult raccoon would.

Inspired by her experience caring for Trouper, Dot devotes herself to educating children about wild animals.

She started the Wildlife Education Project in Troupers honor.

Together, the duo travels across the country, speaking at schools and wildlife centers, where she doesnt shy away from answering tough questions from curious kids.

Shes always careful to explain that Trouper is hurt because of a human, and emphasizes how important it is to respect our fellow creatures.

Despite Troupers handicaps, he has lived a long and happy life in Dots home, though shes careful to emphasize that hes not a pet, but a wild friend thatneeds her help.

At 8, hes outlived most raccoons by years, and has learned to walk and swim again under Dots careful rehabilitation.

Most importantly, as Dot told News-Press, Hes loved, hes touched, and he understands what respect is.

Check out the adorable video below to see Trouper and Dot in action. And if you love this sweet story about a dedicated caregiver and her beloved animal friend, make sure toSHAREwith fellow animal lovers on Facebook!


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