Puppy Hilariously Sneaks Up On His Toy In The Hallway

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There’s something to be said about being extra cautious as we go about our day. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry!Of course, it can also be easy to take that a little too farand find yourself in a needless tizzy over something completely harmless, much like the cutie in the clip below.

Like many puppies, it’s prettyhard to tell what’s going on in this little furball’s brain as he approaches his stuffed toy with such trepidation. It reminds me a lot of the little guy who played a silly game of tag with his bird buddy, but he was a bit braver than this precious pup. What makes this example particularly hilarious, though, is the fact that another toy is laying innocently on the floor behind him as he makes his way ever so slowly towhat likea mini stuffed lion.

It’s moments like this that make having a pet so worth it.Each one has their own unique set of quirks that set them apart from their fellow animals and makes them all the more adorable.For instance, my dog always acted like this around something even more strange: balloons. She is absolutely terrified of them and we have no idea why! It’s just too funny to watch her every time a birthday or other event rolls around as the floating orbs taunt her yet again.

Take a look below to see him finally muster the courage to swipe the toy up.

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