Proud Mama Dachshund Poses For Photos With Her Six Adorable Puppies

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Photographer Belinda Sol helps new moms celebrate their bundles of joy every day, so when a woman named Mona called her to schedule a photo shoot, she didn’t think anything of it.

But Mona had something a little different in mind.

Solwas surprised, when she returned Mona’s call, that Mona wasn’t planning the shoot for herself, but for her dog, a dachshund named Mia!

It wouldn’t be the first time someone has committed their dog’s pregnancy and motherhood to memory. In Brazil, a dog named Lilica became a star after her human posted joyous, adorable photos of her before and after giving birth to a litter of five.

“I had never done [a dog shoot] before, and I was excited to do so,” Solsays, and she accepted the challenge immediately, even purchasing a dress and some props for Mia’s shoot.

The shoot went well, and although Solonly expected a moderate response, she soon found over 100,000 people fawning over the adorable shots. And that meant only one thing: that a newborn shoot was a must!

Check out Sol’sprecious photos below!

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When photographer Belinda Sol initially got the call from dachshund Mia’s human, Mona, she was expecting a human maternity shoot.

But that wasn’t exactly the case. The shoot was for Mia! And the proud dad, of course.

“[I] treated it as any other human maternity session,” Solsays. “I went and made her a maternity dress, purchased some props specially for her, and made our appointment.”

Although this was her first non-human maternity shoot, it was surprisingly easy.

Mia was heavily pregnant at the time, so she wasn’t scampering around too much. “She was very well trained,” Solsays, “so it wasn’t too difficult to direct and pose her.”

Solstyled and shot Mia the same way she shoots her human clients, with lots of elegant, billowing fabric and a sweet, feminine air.

When she posted the photos, Solexpected a few people to react, but for it to make a relatively small splash.

Instead, thousands of people flocked to the photos, leaving positive comments.

So that meant that Mia would have another shoot when the puppies were born!

Soon enough, Mia gave birth to six tiny babiesof her own and Solwas there to capture the joy.

She even had crocheted caps custom-made for them, thanks to Crochet Creations by Rebecca Monroe, which are just perfect.

And it really doesn’t get much better than tiny weenie puppies in tiny hats, does it?

Like her maternity shoots, Solcaptured the puppies in much the same way she captures human babies on camera, with lots of swaddles, cuddling, and of course, the tiny caps.

The puppies got some individual beauty shots, too.

As for the puppies, they seemed to nap the whole time (much like their human counterparts) on those fluffy blankets. It seems like everyone involved had a great day!

You can see more of Belinda’s photography, this time with human subjects, on her Facebook page and on Instagram.

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