Police Dog Gets An Emotionally Beautiful Heros Salute

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Dogs give their humans everything, even when they have nothing left to give.

Rocky was a beautiful K-9 Deputy with the Collin County Sheriff’s office. His badge number was 239. Sadly, Rocky’s life was cut short but a cruel twist of fate. A few months ago the officer began experiencing physical limitations that prevented him from performing his duties.

On Friday the Collin County Sherrif’s office posted on Facebook, “After extensive evaluation it was discovered that Rocky had an inoperable medical condition which required euthanasia. It is our sincere appreciation to Dr. Taylor and his staff for their efforts in treating Rocky.”

Before being put to sleep, Rocky was given a hero’s salute on his final tour of duty. The honorable pup was saluted by members of Collin County Honor Guard and by Collin County Sheriff, Terry G. Box.

It is heartbreaking to see something like this. However, it’s heartwarming to know some humansare wonderful and honor these animals in the best way possible. Just like these officers who gave a K9 officer a beautiful funeral after being killed in the line of action.

Rocky’s last walk is a devastating affair, but thankfully the pup seemed happy in his last moment surrounded by his loved ones.

[H/T: Bark Post]

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