Pet Cafs, Surprise Proposals, And Daring Midwives: LittleThings Hosts Recap Viral Videos

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If you’ve been craving cute animals and baby videos, look no further!

LittleThings cohosts Kate Wolff and Pete Lee made sure to recap some of the best videos going viral. Our four-legged coworker, Miss Dixie, made an appearance, too!

Whether they’re joking about the drama between Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa or talking about the hottest spot for a cup of coffee and a side of puppies for adoption, they will have you rolling on the floor laughing while filling you in on the best video clips on the internet.

I absolutely LOVED the video of the midwife in Texas, who stopped at nothing to deliver a baby in a crazy flood. Hint: an inflatable swan was involved!

And to keep up with the adorable baby videos, make sure to tune into to the husband’s sweet proposal to the mother of his child. Not even a day old, and that baby is famous.

If you’re a pet mom, definitely don’t miss the opening of the Dog Caf, a halfway house for dogs thathave nowhere to go. This clip absolutely warmed my heart.

Plus, it makes me excited for North America’s very first cat caf. Caffeine and animals, my two favorite things!

Kate and Pete covered so many awesome videos in such a short time. I wonder what they’ll be covering next time!

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