Our Incredible Pets And The Way They Really See Us

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As pet owners, we are quite familiar with the concept of unconditional love.

Our adorable animal babies know that we will do anything for them, and weknow that theywill always love and care for usas well.

Funnily enough, we don’t always see ourselves in the same way that our pets do. We may not love what we see every time we glancein the mirror, but our animals oftenlook at us as if we arethe most beautiful people in the world.

Scroll through below for an exclusive look at how our petsreally see us. You may not think you are a whiz in the kitchen, but when you put out a bowl of delicious dog food, your pup sees you for the world-class chef you truly are!

Knowingthat our pets see us in such a positive light can be an important reminder about our incredible unique qualities. And, of course, it’s always nice to know that there is a beautiful creature out there who loves usno matter what.

How do you think your pet sees you? Let us know in the comments!


1. They See A Superhero


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You might see yourself as simply utilitarian when it comes to your pet picking up their poop, changingtheir kitty litter, or cleaning their cage but this is far from how your pet sees you.

When they look at you, they see a superhero of the very first-class.

When another dog starts to get too aggressive, when theyare in need of food or water, orwhen they simply need a little bit of love, you are always there to save the day!

2. They See A Parent


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When buying the necessary goods at the pet storeor making a trip to the vet, you probably see it as exactly what it is your responsibility as a pet owner.

But, your pet knows everything you do is because you are their incredibleparent.

Whether taking them for a walk, making sure they are clean, or ensuring they are well-fed, your adorable animal knows that you are the parent and they are your loving baby!

3. They See A Pro Athlete


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Throwing a ball or playing catch in the park may just seem like part of the routine.

But for your dog, or any other pet who likes to stay active, you are a world-famous professional athlete.

Every time you toss a stick, frisbee, or ball, they see your inner Joe Montana shining through!

4. They See An Expert Chef


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The process of feeding your pet may seem mundane and ordinary, with little thought going into it.

However, your pet views mealtime as a chance to enjoy a gourmet meal whipped up by an expert chef.

Whether you simply open up a can of pet food or prepare a healthy, pet-friendly meal, they know that your culinary skills exceed those of anyone else in the world!

5. They See A Professional Stylist


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Properly grooming your pet may seem like a necessary evil, one that they may even fight you on.

But rest assured, your precious animal thinks of this as a trip to the beauty salon, with you as their amazing professional stylist.

When you are combing or washing their fur, your cat or dog is thrilled to be pampered by someone with such incredible skills.

6. They See A Sports Car Driver


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Going for a ride in the car doesn’t seem all that exciting.

But when your dog can stick his or her head out of the window while flying down the highway, you are driving the fanciest sports car imaginable.

The sense of pleasure they get from this ride is impossible to replicate, which is why they think of you as a world-class driver with a world-class car!

7. They See A Millionaire


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Times may be tight and the piggy bank may not be full.

However, your animal looks at you and sees you for the millionaire you really are.

A new toy like a bone or hamster wheel may not feel like much to you, but these gifts might as well be worth a million buckswith all the joy they bring to your pet!

8. They See A Surgeon


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As a pet owner, you know it’s part of the job to take care of minor scrapes or bumps.

But for your animal, you are a surgeon capable of performing miracles with your own two hands.

If you take out a splinter or bandage a small cut, you are performing a service that your pet can only think of as medical magic!

9. They See A Romantic Lead


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Whether or not your love life is flourishing is irrelevant to your pet.

No matter what, they see you as the romantic lead of a movie starring the two of you.

You show them love and affection, with kisses and cuddles, proving that they don’t need any other movie star but you!

The loveour pets feel for us has an enormous impact on the way they see us. This is an important reminder to try tosee ourselves for being as incredible as our petsknow we really are!

How do you think your pet sees you? Let us know in the comments.

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