Mom Introduces Deaf Daughter To Puppy For The First Time, Then Realizes Hes Deaf Too

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It’s funny whenpeople say owners and theirdogs areextremely similar. Sometimes it’s the personality that just clicks together instantly, while other times it’s similarities in physical features that provide that bond.

Either way,it’s an unexplainable connectionthat is unlike anything else in this entire world, one that dog owners wouldn’t trade foranything.

On June 28, 2016, a little deaf girl named Julia found thatperfect canine friendfor her.

Mom knew that she wanted to find a furry friend for her daughter, who she could feel a connection with and who would provide encouragementwhen she faced challenges with her disability. So when Mom first saw the adorable dog named Walter, who was also deaf, she realized it was meant to be.

She recalled that when Julia was first born, she nuzzled her neck as a way of communicating. And when Walter did the same exact thing to Mom at their first meeting, there was no doubt he belonged in their family.

AtJulia and Walter’s introduction, there was an immediate connection. They instantly started to play together, enjoy each other’s company, and bond not just through their disability, but through their love of life.

So Walter became the newest member of their family, and Julia began to teach him sign language that he would learn in no time. It’s safe to say Julia’s and Walter’s futures look bright, especially with each other by their sides!

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