Mom And Two Young Daughters Accidentally Wear Same Shirt, Then They Decide To Do It Again

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Dominique Davis, a mother of two daughters, has been taking cute pictures with them since a happy accident six months ago. Her daughters, Amelia and Penny, love to dresslike their mom, which became all too obvious one day when they accidentally all wore the same outfit.

The three dressing similarly started unintentionally, Dominique says. She told LittleThings, “The idea came about by chance. One morning, Id unintentionally dressed myself and Penny in matching striped tops, then Amelia emerged from her bedroom wearing one too.

“Wed all laughed about it, and when I was struggling for an image idea later that day, we thought wed share our joke with everyone else. The photo went crazy reaching 16k likes so the following week we decided to try it again, this time with some watermelon. When that one followed suit and reached 14k likes, it unsurprisingly became a weekly feature.”

Her Instagram account, @AllThatIsShe, now features weekly photos of Dominique and her daughters.

And her daughters? “They really enjoy it. Amelia loves to see the end result, the positive feedback that the photos receive and spending the time planning them together.”

“Penny likes to call them our ‘funny photos.’ She’s going through a phase where she just wants to make people laugh all of the time and will do anything to get that reaction. So for her, standing in front of a camera pulling faces nonstop is something she loves to do.”

Dominique explains, “Amelia is 10 years old, but she likes to think that she’s a teenager already. She’s immensely passionate about the things she loves, has a huge heart and wants to change the world (an animal conservationist is her future occupation of choice).

“Penny is your typical 3-year-old bossy, headstrong, inquisitive, lovable, full of character and has the ability to make you cry with laughter (or just cry) at any given moment.”

The photos look like a ton of fun, and they’re great inspiration for any moms who want to take mommy-daughter pictures.

Not only do they have matching outfits in the pictures, they also make sure to match their hairstyles and accessories.

The photos don’t only showcase the girls’ impeccable style, but they show their personalities.

Dominique says, “I’m not sure I could pick just one [favorite], there’s been so many. Probably the first one we ever posted as it was the one to kick-start this journey; the pumpkin picture as Penny’s face is just the best; and the most recent ‘Fight Like A Girl’ post for what it represented.”

They’ve done weekly photos that show their regular daily clothes, but they’ve also worn holiday outfits and accessorized with holiday props.

When asked how long she would continue taking these photos, Dominique said, “I’ll let the girls decide that one. As their mother, my dream would be to keep them going forever, but unfortunately, I know that that’s not going to happen. Soon Amelia will find them too ‘uncool,’ and Penny will one day just refuse to take part. Until then, though, we’ll continue to create the images, enjoy them, and make memories at the same time.”

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