Man Repurposes An Old Tree Branch Into An Incredible Piece Of Art

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Do you have a bunch of old tree branches laying around your yard?

After a storm or in the beginning of fall, my yard is covered in branches of all sizes! If it’s not being used as firewood, it generally gets tossed out.

Don’t just let these branchesgo to waste! There are so many different projects you can do with old tree branches, like creating a little house for your cats or make an incredible outdoor bench.

One man came up with a very inventive way to repurpose an old branch. After finding a piece of wood that looked like it had met it’s end, he gave it a beautiful facelift.

He sands down all of the rough edges and hollows out most of the branch. After making it nice and smooth, he fits some lights inside the branch before stacking it with gorgeous crystal-like rocks. The end effect? Beautiful!

If you watched the video below and you’re scratching your head, wondering why he added the metal pieces to the wood, they are to keep the wood from snapping or stretching out too far!

I am going to try to make one of these for my backyard, so I can sit outside at night during the summer! Don’t you want one?

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