Man Creates A Bird Whistle Using Salami, Paper Cups, And Glue

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Good, old-fashioned human ingenuity is really amazing, isnt it? Your neighbors might think something is impossible until you come along and surprise them all by putting it together yourself! I imagine thats the sort of philosophy that speaks to Rulof, a wildly entertaining YouTuber based in Europe who creates DIY videos that are as popular as they are accessible.

All you need for his bird whistle tutorial are a few paper cups, a bottle of glue, and a slab of salami from your local deli. Yes, really. You wont even be wasting that tasty dinner option, either! Keep watching the video Rulof explains quite clearly and efficiently how to put together each item.

While youre fixing up your very first bird whistle, consider the DIY project that wards off house flies using a plastic bag, or the DIY tiki torch that keeps even more nasties away. You dont want to be bothered when you start making music outside!

Even if you arent keen on weekend bird watching, you can entertain (or even confuse) your friends and family when you suddenly start tweeting like one! I know Id find it fun, and Im a fairly decent whistler.

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