Mama Cat Braves The Vacuum To Bring Her Kittens A Snack From The Kitchen

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Cats are some of the greatest hunters on the planet. After all, our domestic kitties are just smaller versions of the big cats out in the wild. If you’ve ever seen them hunt, you know that they’re definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Female cats are the providers of the family. They go out and hunt for food for their babies with grace and dexterity.

This domestic mama cat, though?

She’s not quite as graceful as a lioness in the wild, but she’s still providing for her little babies.

She also faces very different dangers than big wild cats… such as the ever-terrifying vacuum cleaner. There’s something about the loud noise that really spooks our cats, and this little lady is no exception.

She goes hunting in the kitchen for a tasty slice of meat… But what she does next? How brave of this mama cat! Not every cat would face the vacuum to share her spoils like this mom did. The look on her face is almost too adorable to handle, too.

Just look at how happy her little babies are at the end what little cuties! This whole video put a huge smile on my face; that’s not a small snack to carry all that way!

All in a day’s work of being a loving mama cat.

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