Little Pig Whose Parents Perished To Hunters Finds New Loving Family

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Sometimes families take on house pets thatare a bit out of the ordinary.

Sure, a sweet dog or an adorable feline makes the most amazing pet, but other households opt for something a little out of the ordinary. Reptiles, toads, mice, and even raccoons can be just as lovable as anything small and furry.

InPhoenix Parker’s case, she is happy with snuggling her new little pig James.Tiny, wiry, and barely a few weeks old, James loves to be coddled, similar to a lapdog or a cuddly cat.

But James wasn’t adopted at any shelter like most dogs. He came to his new forever family under sad circumstances.

Small, frightened, and suddenly without his parents, James wouldn’t have survived in the wild if it weren’t for a few kind strangers.

But now he is safe and happy with a bunch of cool new farm friends and a new family to love him.

Check out James’ harrowing tale toward eventual bliss below!

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At only a few weeks old, poor piglet James had already been through a lot of trauma prior to relaxingin the sun at GreenerPasturesSanctuary.

While wandering through a clearing, several strangers came across James, running around the bodies of his deceased pig family, as well as some kangaroos.

Apparently, hunters had killed the poor pig family for sport but havesomehow missed the little piglet.

When he was found without his family, the weather was freezing in the area, and he would have definitely not lasted long had he not been found.

But fortunately, the kind strangers brought James to the sanctuary,founded and run byRachael Parker and her little daughter Phoenix.

They serve as a safe haven for all sorts of animals, from horses to cows to goats and pigs like little James.

However, he was too young to be able to play with the other pigs, so he currently lives indoors.

When he is not being doted onand loved like a house cat, he happily helps out with chores outside.

Soon, he’ll be introduced to his snouty, hoofed family outside, but until then, he is content to cuddle with his new forever family.

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