Little Boy And His Dad Have An Adorable Fake Battle Against Some Bad Guys

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Whether you have a little boy or a little girl, the most important thing to teach a young child is how to properly communicate. Without this skill, a child will have trouble not only in explaining their own thoughts, but they’ll have trouble understanding other people’s thoughts and will even struggle with learning later on when they’re in school.

So what’s the best way to teach a small child how to communicate clearly and effectively with others? Through playing with them, of course! It turns out that this little boy loves to pretend he’s in the Marines, and when you watch him in action it becomes clear that this kid was probably born with an eagle tattoo on his back!

He and his dad spot an “enemy” that have set up a defensive position in the house. Using teamwork, the boy and his dad slowly make their way towards the enemy all while calling out what they plan to do and tell the other what they need. This communication might just be playful at the moment, but this man’s son is focusing on listening and explaining what he needs to another human. These skills will definitely help him out no matter what he does in life.

Our absolute favorite moment though is at the very end. Look closely at the boy’s orange gun after they’ve “cleared” the final room of bad guys. This kid might be young, but he already knows not to muzzle sweep anyone on his team! This kid belongs in the Marine Corps for sure!

Special thanks to Vantac Internationalfor providing such an amazing video!


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