Khlo Kardashian Hates Working Out THESE Body Parts!

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See! She’s just like the rest of us!


The 32-year-old said :

“My back and arms are my least favorite body parts to work out. Progress is slow, and arm exercises are not fun, LOL.”

However, once the tall diva saw progress, she was determined to train her back and arms even harder!

“I was like, “OMG! I have back muscles!!!” It made me want to work even harder. Don, my trainer, gives me the toughest arm workouts to do with a bosu ball. I lay on my chest with my hands on the ball and push myself up, extending my arms fully and lifting them off of the ball. Then I fall back into starting position, kind of like clap push-ups. Don makes me do three sets of 30 He knows I hate them, LOL, but it’s crazy how much this move has changed my upper body!!!”

No pain, no gain!

[Image via WENN.]

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