It Started With A Normal Bedroom And A Present From Grandma. This Single Mom Made It AWESOME.

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Every little boy in the country wants a mom like user Jmyall. After her mother sent her son a Batman FatHead ( life-sized vinyl wall graphic) she had the awesome idea of decorating her son’s room to look like Gotham City out of the Batman comics. The whole family joined in on the fun too, with mom doing most of the work but her kids Otto and Ruby also lending a “painting hand”.

This is what the bedroom looked like before their little project.

Tape outline so the Gotham City skyline can be painted.

Black paint being added.

More paint.

Tape all removed and outlines painted in.

Their daughter Ruby helping out, adding the Bat signal.

Otto fills in from Commissioner Gordon’s end.

Otto working on painting the door in his TMNT underoos.


Final step of painting was the add some lights to the buildings.

Painting the bedroom all done.

Batman sticker hanging over the window.

And another to the side.

The finished room and the Batman FatHead in all its glory.

I’m a 31 year old man and I want that bedroom. Source:

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