If I Could Talk: Short Film Imagines How Rescue Dogs Really Feel

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You can’t plan to fall in love; Sometimeslife-changing relationships begin with a chance encounter. That’s what happens inIf I Could Talk.

A man is jogging on a quiet country road when something catches his eye: A black plastic bagshaking in a shallow lake. Intrigued, theman scales an embankment and opens the bag. What – or, more accurately, who – he finds inside will change his life forever.

“I didn’t rescue my dog, my dog rescued me,” has become something of a cliche these days, but it’s a phraseI find myself thinking on a daily basis. Every once in a while, we find a short at LittleThings that hammers this powerfulpoint home: Dogs are angels on earth. Not much makes me tear up, but this had me reaching for the Kleenex. (Be prepared!)

Credits: If I Could Talk is presented by Welling Films. Story by Mark Glavin and directed by Shawn Welling AXI.


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