High School Senior Has To Skip Prom, Then Cop Calls House To Speak With His Mother

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High school senior Darius Ellis was dealing with a disappointing problem. His senior prom was coming up fast, but he didn’t have the means to get to the venue in Orlando, Florida. Then one conversation and some quick thinking changed everything.

Darius had been chatting with a police officer named Dagon Leach here and there;they quickly formed a bond overtheir love of vehicles. In the video below, posted on March 16, 2017, Dagon explains, “Come to find out, we’re both into supercars.”

Dagon, the owner of a sleek Nissan GT-R, showed his vehicle to the teen and Darius decided he wants one too. Unfortunately, Darius wasleft without a ride to his prom and confessed to the officer that he wouldn’t be attending because of it.

Dagon decided that the senior deserved to go to prom like the rest of his peers and an idea sparked in his head.

He askedDarius’ mother’s permission, then revealed that he’d be the teen’s ride to the prom in the beloved sports car he wants to own himself.

“It’s something that I had to do, I needed to do it,” Dagon says of his selfless deed.

Dagon’s administration provided Darius with a dashing suit and the two of them droveoff.

“I will never forget about him and I’ll never forget what he does for people,” Darius says with a smile. “You’re the best big brother I ever had.”

To learn more about the journey to prom and see the duo’s strong bond for yourself, check out the video below. Finally, pleaseSHARE this story if you admire the friendship between this teen and thisofficer!

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