Hen And Her Caretaker Travel The World By Boat

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WhenGuirec Soude decided to leave his hometown in France at the age of 18 to travel the globe, he planned on doing it alone. Traveling all over the world by boat sounds amazing, but most people aren’t up to the task. Knowing this, Soudeset off on his own. After meeting Monique, however, it all changed.

Soude found Monique when his voyage brought him to the beautiful Canary Islands. Everyone said it wouldn’t work out, butSoude figured he’d give his new companion the chance at the adventure of a lifetime.

I should probably mention… Monique is a hen.

Soude hoped that his new feathery friend would produce eggs for him to eat while on his long journey. Many people said there was no way a hen could lay eggs on the open sea, but she proved them all wrong!

Now,Soude and Monique travel everywhere together, and the pictures from their adventures are hilarious and incredible!

Scroll down to see some snapshots of their amazinglife on the sea and let us know what you think in the comments!

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WhenGuirec Soude was younger, he hated school.

For him, the four walls were nothing but a hindrance for his desire to get out and learn about the world through experience.

On his 18th birthday, he left France for Australia without a penny to his name or knowledge of the English language.

He slept on the streets for several days before finding a place to work.

Soude’s desire to learn and travel gave him the drive to work hard and eventually make enough money to buy his own boat!

He named the boat Yvinec and began his journey.

While in St. Barth,Soude met a woman named Virginie Nolen-Laissy.

She grew up on a sailboat and sailed across the Atlantic Ocean with her family.

Shehelped him prepare for his mission.

One of the planned stops was in the Canary Islands.

There, he met a little hen namedMonique.

In hopes that she would produce eggs for him,Soude took her along for his next adventure.

Amazingly, Monique had no problem laying eggs and she even seemed to enjoy her time on the boat!

Where are the funny pair now?Soude’s friend, Nolen-Laissy, was able to give LittleThings some updates!

“He is in Greenland for at least the next four weeks. When the Northwest Passage will open, that is to say when the ice will melt and let the boat cross the Arctic Ocean, he will leave Greenland and set sail to head to the state of Alaska,” she said.

You would think traveling with a bird would be a challenge, but Soude is having the time of his life!

“He is happy to do it with Monique who seems to be the first hen to try it,” Nolen-Laissy explained.

Monique is clearly a unique little hen.

When she’s not joining her adopted dad surfing and sailing, she’s visiting neighboring boats or slipping around on the icy Arctic Ocean.

“She likes hugs and cuddles,” Nolen-Laissy told LittleThings.

“She is very curious and likes adventure in general!”

After the Northwest Passage, Soudeeven plans on crossing the entire state of Alaska by bicycle with Monique by his side!

After that,Soude plans on letting Monique take a break and wait for him in a nice warm shelter while he fulfills his dream of reaching the North Pole on foot!

That’s a bit too much adventure for one little hen.

After that, who knows where the funny pair will end up?

Guirec Soude doesn’t plan on ending his adventure any time soon.

“Since we shared his experience, a lot of people told us that it has inspired them,” Nolen-Laissy told LittleThings.

“We consider that our best reward. The most important thing is to do what you really want to do, what makes your really happy!”

It may seen odd for a man and a hen to travel the world together, but to them, it’s just another day full of adventure!

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