Guilty Mom Gets A Spray Tan Before Breastfeeding Baby And Posts About It On Facebook

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In August 2015, Gemma decided to take some time out to pamper herself with a spray tan. A few hours later, she mistakenly breastfed her son.

“Cue 5 o’clock shadow and a very guilty mummy,” Gemma wrote on Facebook. “Lesson to you all. Don’t do this.”

After posting her “epic fail of fails” on a Facebook page for mothers, the photo of her newly tanned baby went massively viral with tens of thousands of shares.

Many readers found the cosmetic blunder lighthearted and funny, responding to Gemma’s story with their own parenting fails. Other readers were critical of Gemma for making the mistake.

But Gemma added an updated photo of her son, assuring readers his skin was quickly returning to its normal color, and that no harm was done: “Mums often make mistakes, when they’re not dealing with poo, sick, etc., they’re just trying to remember not to put the milk and cheese in the cupboard. Dumb and tired maybe, but I am not a bad mum who would ever intend on harming a child. Just a very forgetful one that happens to be going to a wedding at the weekend and doesn’t want to look like Casper the friendly ghost in a bright yellow dress. If I’ve made a handful of mummy’s feel human and not so bad about themselves, then I’ve achieved what I set out to do.”

According to Made For Mums, “The main perceived risk from fake tanning when breastfeeding is your baby ingesting (eating!) the product when you breastfeed after you’ve tanned. Although your baby can be ‘tanned’ by coming into contact with your fake tan, there is no known evidence at present to suggest that it can cause any harm, even if if it goes into your baby’s mouth.”

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