Groom Recites Incorrect Vows, Then Realizes What He Said And Freaks Out

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When you get married, you’re intending on staying with and loving this person for the rest of your life. Until death do you part, and with no one else ever coming between you.

The thought of your husband or wife cheating would make you sick, and hopefully, you never have to have a doubt in your mind about something like that.

But, if you heard this man’s wedding vows, would you worry? Clearly the beautiful bride, Tanya doesn’t – because it was just a blooper. But, that doesn’t make this hilarious vow mistake any less hilarious or ironic from her groom, Eric!

When he’s reciting his vows, looking into his bride’s eyes he says, “…with this ring as a sign of my love andinfidelity…”

Yes, he clearly meant to sayfidelity.

Thankfully, he realizes his little mistake, and his eyes get wide with fear! But, Tanya’s laugh shows just how funny she thinks it is coming from her trusted partner.

They’re getting married and it was a simple slip up, there’s clearly nothing behind it but he definitely wanted to make sure he corrected that right away!

This couple is both beautiful and playful! And they definitely have vows like no other!

What was the funniest moment at the last wedding you went to? Let us know in the comments to see if yours could compete!

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