Goat Rides Around The Farm On Her Mule Friends Back

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When Rapunzel the mule first arrived to Mary Beth Kully’s animal sanctuary in New Jersey, she wasn’t sure if her outbursts were out of joy or if the animal was just a little bit crazy.

Rapunzel had been acting incredibly excitable since her arrival at Crown Charter Farm. Her tendency to buck andchase other animals around made Kully hesitant to introduce Rapunzel to other animals at the sanctuary.

One day, a little goat named Luna decided to sneakily slip out of her pen and visit the other animals. Somehow, she ended up with Rapunzel.

Considering how often Rapunzel acted up around other animals, this could’ve been disastrous for the little goat, but instead something odd happened.

Kully was shocked to find the little goat in a very unexpected place.

Scroll down to find out what happened to Luna after she got near Rapunzel, and let us know what you think of this funnygoatin the comments!

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Rapunzel the mule was a bit of a loose cannon around Crown Charter Farm.

“We figured she wanted to be social with everybody, but we weren’t sure what her real intentions were with the chasing,” Mary Beth Kully explained to the Dodo.

Luna the goat was a bit of a troublemaker as well. The sneaky animal got out of her pen one day to get a closer look at Rapunzel.

“She just jumped through a small little window between the two sheep pens,” Kully said. “We didn’t think that was possible.”

Amazingly, Rapunzel didn’t try to kick or chase the little goat.

In fact, she welcomed Luna up for a ride!

After a little while, it was a common occurrenceto see this hilarious duo hanging out together just like this!

No one is sure how Luna managed to tame the crazy mule, but we’re glad she did.

Luna’s twin brother Atlas has even gotten in on the fun.

A shy rescue donkey named Barnie doesn’t seem to mind that Luna and Atlas like to hitch a ride once in a while.

“Now, they’re all friends,” explained Kully’s daughter, Grace. “It just worked out really, really well.”

Although these animals experienced hardships before being rescued and moved to Crown Charter Farm, their new friendships make their new lives worth living.

If you’d like to learn more about the Crown Charter Farm’s efforts to save and protect farm animals, learn more and consider donating here.

And make sure to watch the video below to see this adorable goat in action!

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