Get Perfectly Contoured Cheeks Using An Ordinary Spoon

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I love makeup as much as the next girl, but Ive always been hopeless when it comes to really complicated cosmetic routines. After all, a beautiful cat eye is only as gorgeous as your ability to draw it on, and if youre anything like me, you need all the help you can get.

Fortunately, access to the internet makes it easier than ever to find tips and tricks for applying your makeup perfectly, with minimal chance of messing up.

In fact, some of our very favorite beauty hints have come from professional makeup artist Anabelle LaGuardia, who is an expert at perfecting beauty regimens suited for any lifestyle.

In the past, shes taught us about everything from matte lipstick to creating a perfectly pointed eyeliner wing.

Now, shes back with an awesome tutorial on using an ordinary spoon, straight out of your flatware drawer, for contouring your skin. Basically, the spoon acts as a curved guideline, perfect for emphasizing your cheekbones.

Since contouring is a complicated process that only seems to grow more intricate the more I learn, Im relieved to see a system that actually simplifies and demystifies this makeup technique!

Check out the video below to see exactly how LaGuardia works her amazing flatware magic, and dont forget to SHARE this handy trick for anyone who has ever struggled with the ins and outs of makeup!


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