Fluffy Cat Takes Her Twister Game Very Seriously

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Right hand green, left hand green, and right hand in the air! Such are the commands of one adorable yet bossy little fluff ball cat that shows humans how a game of Twister is really played.

In a funny video, a black cat takes control of the Twister spinner and patiently waits for the arrow to land on the command. Once herowner says the command out loud, then the funny feline spins the arrow again.

While it would be even more hilarious to see the cat actually do the commands as well, we have to appreciate herinterest in the game and the fact that she doesnt want to claw off the arrow, throw it around and play with it, as many cats would do.

You got to give it to the gal, shes also staying in command of her own instincts, especially around quick movements. Weve seen all sides of these adorable creatures, like the feisty cat that hates when her owner sings despite her beautiful voice, and the adorable cat that sneaks into the bathroom and gets caught using his owners toilet.

Cats may be unpredictable, but we love them all the same. If cats could indeed play the entire game of Twister, then contorting, twisting, and standing on one foot would be a breeze. Maybe there should be more animal-human board games to play!


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