Family Rescues Injured Baby Red Squirrel And Nurses Him Back To Health

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For some folks, a regular dog or cat as their pet just isn’t enough. They want something a little more unique. My great-aunt kept a pet raccoon in her home for years,naturally naming him Rocky after the Beatles tune. He enjoyed a comfortable life regularly snugglingup with her other more traditionalanimals.

Of course, bringing a wild animal into your house is not something anyone should do without plenty of training and the ability to properly care for the cutie.

When a family in Denmark found the tiny critter below in their back garden, they new the poor thing was in desperate need of some help.

The red squirrel was only about 4 weeks old when he fell into their lives, literally plummeting from the fourth floorof their building, and had suffered a deep cut to his chestalong the way. They waitedto see if his mom would arrive to tend to him. When she failed to come, the familyswiftly brought the cutieto their veterinarian, who helped suture the wound.


After all, who could walk away from this sweet face? They named him Tintin, and he was soon just as much a part of the family as their two cats. In fact, one of their cats immediately took to mothering him, cleaning his wounds, and curling up beside the poor thing.

They nursed Tintin with kitten milk and used old socks to craft T-shirts so the silly fella wouldn’t scratch away at his bandaged chest. Over time, he made a full recovery!

Though it is illegal to own a red squirrel as a pet in Denmark, his human pal Decan Andersen and family were able to secure special permission. Since he had been living so close with people and other animals, Tintin likely would not have lasted very long out in the wild on his own.

Instead, he enjoys relaxing in this luxurious “super castle”!

The family clearly has a lot of affection for the little guy to go through all this trouble, but can you blame them?

Tintin spends about two to three hours a day playing outdoors. Andersen would love to let thesmall fry free from the leash, but Tintin relies on it to find his way back to his owner when something spooks him. There’s also a few cats in the area that would like to have Tintin for lunch, so it’s better for him overall.

And it doesn’t seem to stop him from having a blast anyway!

Thank goodness thefamily wasable to give this sweet boy a second chance at livingthe best life ever. Andersen says on his websitethat despite the pervading rumor that squirrels are lonesome, unemotional creatures, his fluffy buddy is definitely the opposite.

Tintin is apparently a huge fan of cuddling up to their faces, loves a good belly rub, and can often be found playing around and teasing his cat brothers. He also doesn’t shy away from all the attention he receives when they walk around the neighborhood, happy to pose for a photo at a moment’s notice.

You can follow along on Tintin’sadventures over on hisInstagram page.

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