Embarrassed Dog Hides Behind A Bush After Being Caught With A Pair Of Goggles

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If you’ve ever owned a dog, then you know there are times when your furry friend will do things that theyaren’t supposed to do.

No matter how cute or obedient your dog is, just like any person, he or she will still find ways to get into trouble from time to time.Unfortunately, most dogs usually find themselves getting caught in the act, and their first reaction is usually to hide.

Of course, hiding can be a very efficient way to avoid trouble but only if you know how to pick the perfect hiding place. Unfortunately forSamson, a 6-month-old Newfoundland, his skills for finding a good hiding spot haven’t fully developed.

After getting caught with a pair of goggles in his mouth, Samson was definitely looking for a way out. But in the search for a place to avoid punishment, Samsonmust have forgotten that in order to hide behind something, you have to actually be able to fit behind it.

Some people say that dogs aren’t capable of feeling embarrassment, but I have to say that Samson was definitely looking a little embarrassed. Hopefully in the future Samson will be a little more selective!

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