Ellen Invites Hard-Working Single Mom Onstage And Gives Her $20,000

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Over the past 13 years, the world has watched Ellen DeGeneres share her kind spirit and generosity with countless fans who make the trip to her studio. Sure, she sees her share of famous faces across from her on the couch, but it’s the moments when the funny lady puts a big smile (and usually a few tears) on the face of her admirers. Ellen could easily ignore the stories she hears from families who have fallen on hard times or those simply sharing their affection for her dance moves, but shealways goes the extra mile to let them knowshe lovesthem just as much as they do her.

When Robin Wodek, a single mother of 4, won a trip to see her idol in person, she was over the moon to just sit in the audience. Her daughter Elizabeth wrote to the talk show host and conspired with her and her siblings to make the day extra special for their mom. A few years prior to the taping, Robin was dealing with a divorce, loss of her job, and cancer scare. She struggled to make ends meet, never even having the funds to fill her gas tank all the way, working non-stop at 3 different jobs.

However, despite the hardship, Robin always had a smile on her face and did everything she could to give her children the best, putting their needs before her own. Thanks to Ellen, they were able to return the favor, but they didn’t know exactly how much help they were about to receive.

Take a look to see all the amazing surprises Ellen had up her sleeves.

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