Dog Adorably Sneaks Up On His Young Owner To Tackle Him

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Have you ever been caught off guard? It’s a terrifying feeling! I get startled at least five times a day! I’m very easy to sneak up on.

Most people hate being snuck up on. Their terror tends to outweigh the funny surprise. It’s usually only the prankster who enjoys it. But some people enjoy the fun! Like these little babies getting a bath who LOVED it when their daddy snuck into the bathroom. Not every surprise is a bad one!

This little boy was standing in a field, being videotaped by one of his parents when he was caught off guard. If you watch the grass behind him closely, you can see slight movement at first. But then he realizes something is happening behind him and when he turns to see what it is, he’s barrelled down.

Instead of it being a terrifying creature that knocked him over, it’s his dog! You can see the delight on the young boy’s face when he realizes this. He’s laughing loudly and when the camera pans to the pup, he looks very proud of himself.

Watch the video below and just imagine the ‘Jaws’ theme song playing in the background. It fits perfectly!

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