Do You Have Automatonophobia? If So, This Post Will Terrify You

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Do you have automatonophobia? Automatonophobia is the fear of anything that resembles a sentient being. That can be anything from a statue to a horrifying doll. Personally, I think we’re all just a little automatonophobic…at least when it comes to dolls. For me, it’s all in the eyes. There’s just something creepy about them.

Not sure if you’re automatonophobic? Then take our thoroughly unscientific test below to find out. If you’re screaming by the time you get halfway through the list, then I think we can safely say that you’re afflicted.

1. A mother had this insanely creepy doll of her son made when he was little.

2. Someone obviously had to make a doll with Michael Jackson’s face on it.

3. This might just be the creepiest one on the whole list.

4. Ventriloquism was never my thing…

5. The eyes…they’re always watching…

6. It sort of looks like a demonic Conan O’Brien.

7. Found in an antique shop. Nothing is sacred.

8. It wouldn’t be that creepy if it didn’t have that look plastered on its face.

9. This was made by someone’s uncle who loves making dolls. He should probably find a new hobby.

10. But seriously…he needs to stop.

11. Why, cruel world?

12. I think it’s supposed to be a doctor or something?

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13. Nope…so much nope.

14. Why is it crying? Make it stop!

15. “Darling…I’ve come for your soul.”

16. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this before in my nightmares.

17. Taking “dollhouse” to new creepy heights.

18. I think it wants a hug…or a full-body cast.

19. Did this doll survive a fire or something?

20. I don’t think cowboys look like this.

(via Full Redneck)

Congratulations! If you’ve made it this far, I’ll assume that you either don’t have automatonophobia, or you’re just exceptionally brave. Still, it would probably be a good idea to avoid creepy dolls at least for the next few weeks. You can never be too careful.

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