Devoted Cat Dad Transforms Old Branches Into Adorable Cat Tree

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Store-bought pet toys can get pricey.

When Imgur userrugbyfool89realized his cat, Olivia, could really use her own cat tower, this loving dadsearched online for a fun, durable option he could comfortably afford. However, after hours of scrolling through website after website,he couldn’t find any choices that both fit his budget and seemed like they’dstand the test of time.

So, thisdevoted cat daddecided to switch on his DIY-ing brain, and build his beauty the sturdy play place of her dreams, himself.

After browsing Google Images for a few inspiration-filled hours, this builder got to work sketching his new cat tree design.

To compile sufficient materials, he scavenged carpeting stores and job sites for left over carpet scraps he could upcycle.

He also snagged two downed tree branches the perfectfront-facing posts for his new project.

Thanks to his diligent creativity, this cat dad built little Olivia an exciting new cat tree, sure to inspire all sorts of fun and fabulous adventures.

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When Imgur userrugbyfool89‘s cat needed a new climbing tower, this devoted petdad searched all over the Internet for a durable-looking option in his price range.

However, his lengthy search came up short. So, this DIY-er decided to take matters into his own hands, and build his precious cutie a cat tree, from scratch.


This crafty upcycler found fallen trees and new carpet scraps from local stores and job sites to use in his unique design.


After assembling his cat tree’s wooden base, he sawed in holes throughwhich his posts could safely sit.


This buildereven gave his cat a lovely little resting house at the base of her tower, to wander in and out of at her leisure.


After he laid a bit of the carpeting, his cat, Olivia, began scoping out her new digs.


Before long, she was already scratching and clawing at her new tower, completely in love with her dad’s creation.

This devoted cat dad outfittedhis beauty’s cat tower with all sorts of different landings and toys.

She even gother own adorable hammock, made out of a pillow case, in which she can rest her weary paws after a long day of exploration.


This loving pet parent built his adorable cat a one of a kind cat tree an amazing play place she’ll surely enjoy scratching and climbing for years to come.

What do you think of this cat tree?Would your cat enjoy playing in one of these? Let us know in the comments.

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