Dad Leaves His Toddlers Alone For 7 Minutes And They Managed To Paint Everything In Their Room

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Do you think 7 minutes is a long time? 7 minutes is only 420 seconds. You can’t possibly do much in only 420 seconds, right?

Well, you might not be able to do much in that time frame, but children sure can. If we’re being specific, toddlers can do a lot in less than 60 seconds. Anyone who’s ever lived with a toddler can promise that toddlers can wreak havoc in under a minute.

One dad learned the hard way just how much a toddler can do in 7 minutes. The dad left his two little ones alone, in their own room, for just 7 minutes. According to him, it might have even been 6 minutes. But that was more than enough time for his two kids to totally destroy everything.

I have to give them credit because I don’t think I could ever have managed this when I was their age. The little ones had paint in the room, which they must have assumed since it was there, it was free game. It looks like they didn’t try to ruin everything, but instead they just wanted to redecorate their room. Along with the family dog. And themselves.

Watch the video below to see the madness that these two little ones managed to create in just 420 seconds. Have you ever experienced anything like this before?

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